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Switch-Tek Non-Intrusive Capacitance Level Switch

Switch-Tek™ Non-Intrusive Capacitance Level Switch

-Data Sheet-




The Switch-Teknon-intrusive capacitance level switch mounts on the exterior wall of non-metallic tanks and is an excellent choice for clean, conductive, non-coating or scaling type liquids. The relay or FET output provides a reliable switch interface with remote devices such as PLC, SCADA or alarm. For maximum flexibility, the sensor is offered in general purpose and intrinsically safe versions.

This switch detects the presence of liquids or air by measuring the conductive or dielectric values which are present in all materials. An electrical capacitor is formed between the level switch and the outer tank wall. As liquid rises and falls against the inner wall, the capacitance effect is greatly increased and the FET switch changes state.



Accuracy: ± 1 mm in water Bracket material: Standard: PE
Option: PP
Repeatability: ± .5 mm in water
Dielectric range: < 10 constants Bracket mounting: 3M adhesive or thermal weld
Conducative range: >100 micromhos Conduit connection: 1/2” NPT
Supply voltage: 12-36 VDC Cable type: 8 ft. (2.5 m), 4-wire (relay) or 3-wire (FET), 22 gauge with ground, shield & PP or PFA jacket
Consumption: Relay: 25mA
FET: 5mA (dry), 19mA (wet)
Relay rating: 60 VAC/VDC @ 1A CSA approval:

Class I, Groups A, B, C & D;
Class II, Groups E, F & G

FET rating: 36 VDC @ 100 mA
Switch output: Selectable NO or NC states CSA entity parameters: Vmax = 32 VDC; Imax = 0.5 A;
Ci = 0; Li = 0
Temp rating: F: -40º to 194º
C: -40º to 90º
CSA certificate: LR79326-4
Tank compatibility: Non-metallic CE compliance: EN 50082-2 immunity
EN 55011 emission
Tank wall thickness: Up to 1" (25 mm) max
Enclosure material: Polysulfane    
Sensor rating: NEMA 4X (IP68)    

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